I have to confess: my regular blogging rhythm seems to be: irregular.

I have been thinking about you, dear readers, all these weeks, really I have, but I’ve  also been immersed in projects and business development and hiring and that head cold and all those other things that somehow just take more time than it seems they should.

We’ll be in quiet mode at Natural Logic next week, hoping that lower phone and email flow will enable some focused time looking as deeply at our own goals and strategy as we help our clients do with theirs. I expect there’ll be some writing in the mix as well, so do pop back here if you can.

Meanwhile, happy all holidays to you all. (This in conscious defiance of the FoxNews et al ratings-mad war against the non-existent “war against Christmas” — let’s celebrate everything, I say, at every available opportunity.)

Parties to the people!

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