A perfect day, somewhere between sports events, picnics and fireworks, to re-read the Declaration of Independence. A most remarkable document, well worth reading once a year, ‘whether you need it or not.’ (Echo of that old joke about cowboys taking a bath once a week, whether…)
A stunning and still compelling piece of work, undiminished by any of Jefferson’s flaws.
(My day includes all of those, plus some serious planning — something I’m investing lots more time in these days, and very pleased with the ROI — plus hopefully catching up on the long lapses in blogrhythm, while still wondering how some people manage to blog so much and still have lives…. Oh… THAT’s it!)
BTW, as long as you’re reading declarations, have a look at John Perry Barlow’s Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace, and the Sustainable Business Declaration of Leadership I wrote for the Sustainable Business Rating System initiative.

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