I’ve got to confess — I just can’t keep up with the blogmeisters.
Granted, I got slowed down this week by travel, winter, and an intermittently failing power circuit on my venerable G3 PowerBook (not at all helped by tipping a Rickards Red into the keyboard — another example of “takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin'” — but even when tech systems are working fine. [Sweet new machine today, hopefully.]
But more to the point, it’s still hard for me to fit this nifty process in the midst of running a business — and to understand how the blogmeisters do it.
Not that it’s not useful: scanning news feeds; commenting — and more importantly, thinking and sharing thoughts — about relevant and sometimes timely issues; using as a development environment for longer writings. We’re even working, in our spare time, on developing a KM space for our dispersed teams. [Any one know how to help us with that?]
But mastering the steady blog flow? I’m not there yet…