More from [Grist]: When John Edwards was tapped to be John Kerry’s veep last week, everyone interested in ousting Bush erupted into convulsions of praise — and the enviros were no exception….
So it may come as a surprise that Edwards’ lifetime voting record on the environment, determined by LCV’s scorecard, is 63 percent (that would be a D-) — quite a bit lower than Kerry’s 92 percent, one of the highest records in Senate history.
But Betsy Loyless, LCV political director, insists that one shouldn’t jump to the wrong conclusion about what appears to be a near-flunking grade: “Anything above 60 percent is considered a very solid rating. Keep in mind that the average score among senators in 2003 was 41; and if you look at records of senators from his region, the Southeast, Edwards is definitely one of the highest scorers.”…
But faced with a choice between the villains they know and the heroes they hope for, few enviros will hesitate in the voting booth on November 2.