Discount this for the sources if you like (David Jorowitz, al-Jazeera),
but you might still wonder why so little presence for this story in the
US media.

[Walid Phares,]: Iraq’s
resistance to terrorism has begun. Ironically, the first TV station to
report such a revolutionary development was none other than
al-Jazeera, thejihad channel across the Arab world. But the exclusive
airing of such footages was not so innocent. The Qatar-based media
understood much faster than Western networks the real dimensions of
these marches. Therefore it decided to report it first, and,
through condescending coverage, demean it in the eyes of
Iraqi and Arab viewers, a traditional-yet-efficient subversive tactic.
But whatever were the desperate attempts to pre-empt the unfolding
realities, the latter rolled on.

Almost 20,000 men and women –
twice the number reported by al-Jazeera – marched across central
Baghdad, while others repeated the move in different cities of
Mesopotamia yesterday. The demonstrators, from all walks of life and
from all religions and ethnicities of Iraq, shouted one slogan in
Arabic: “La’ la’ lil irhab. Na’am, na’am lil dimucratiya.” That is:
“No, no to terrorism. Yes, yes to Democracy!…We will resist the
return of the dictatorship to power. With or without the Americans, we
are now a resistance against the Baath and the foreign Terrorists.”

Sorry for such a long excerpt, but I’m fascinated by how different a message than what we normally get to read.

Phares observes: While the underdogs
are barking freely in the streets of Baghdad, challenging the Ba’athist
shadows and the jihadistterrorists, human rights and democracy
groups in the West lack the courage to come to the rescue of their
fellow progressive forces in the Middle East. As a group of Iraqi
students told me, “Isn’t it terrible to see that Western elites
came here to demonstrate in support of Saddam against the Coalition,
and when we took the streets to demonstrate against the Saddam war
crimes, they didn’t show up?”

By the way, this story was posted December 11, about demonstrations Dec
10, well before reports of Saddam’s capture appeared Dec 14.

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