Just a short note this time; I’ve got lots to tell you about but also lots keeping me from doing it. So more to come…and hopefully we’ll soon return to a weekly rhythm.

– It sure is! The hottest temperatures ever recorded in Laos and Vietnam. 90% of India in the “danger zone.” But while Bangladesh is ground zero for climate disaster. It’s also a hot spot for solutions.
– Concerned? Yep! Surrender? Nope! In fact there’s a rising tide (yes, I need a better metaphor) of climate initiatives and progress. One example: The New York Times calls our friend Jigar Shah A Swaggering Clean-Energy Pioneer, With $400 Billion to Hand Out
– Meanwhile, Natural Logic colleague Andrew Winston takes to HBR to remind us Why Business Leaders Must Resist the Anti-ESG Movement
– Meanwhile, what I’m really concerned about: Four-Fifths of Board Members at America’s Top Six Banks are Climate Conflicted

Here are some unusual and incisive pieces that you may have missed, from some very human voices you might not be following yet:
– Ben Hunt: An AI in the City of God.
– Naomi Klein: AI machines aren’t ‘hallucinating’. But their makers are.
– Brian Merchant: Why you probably got the Luddites all wrong. (Yes, I know, it’s on Twitter; read it anyway.)
Next time, I’ll share some prompts about prompts, and what I’ve been learning in these dances with the devils. (And we might just visit with the deeply wise Deena Metzger, whose intelligence is anything but artificial.)

Yes, it’s that time again! Wednesday is the third Wednesday of the month, so we’ll be reconvening (12-130p PDT) for Living Between Worlds, with Grace, Dignity, and Power. Last month we dove deeper into sentirpensar—feel/think. This month? Well, register, join us, and find out!

Meanwhile, as always, thank you for who you are and what you do.

In solidarity,

Gil Friend
CEO, Natural Logic Inc.
Managing Director, Critical Path Capital
Coach, Trimtab4Trimtabs

PS: I’ve just been certified in the use of Mood Navigator from our friends as Pluralistic Networks, so my new coaching clients now get unlimited access to the Mood Navigator “gym”! Interested? Give me a holler!


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