It’s time to vote.
Yes — in the elections in November — but not only that. I’m talking about the voting you do every day.
Every time you drop a dollar, yen, mark, yuan, frank, rial or pound on the shop counter or wire it through cyberspace, you’re voting.

That’s the opening of my first post at SciFi Channel’s “Visions for Tomorrow” multi-author blog
I’m in good company too: Sir Richard Branson, Jamais Cascio, Esther Dyson, Michio Kaku, Dean Kamen, Lee Schipper, Peter Schwartz and others are among the contributors!
Please check it out, bookmark it, tell your friends, etc. (And subscribe to this blog – using the link at the upper right – to get new postings by email.)
(Oh yeah, and be sure to vote the regular way too!)

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