[Debka]: Mega-Terror Menaces on Three Continents
Joint Iraq-al Qaeda terror-assassination offensive using WMD is planned on three continents to coincide with US assault on Iraq.
First wave of chemical warfare in W. Europe was stalled by recent roundup of al Qaeda cells in Italy, UK, France, Germany and Spain.
Israel is next target, followed by Persian Gulf and United States. European terror captives revealed intelligence for offensive comes from Iraq, financing and manpower from Saudi Arabia, logistical support from Albanian mafia
With the approach of American military action against Iraq, the United States and its war allies, including Israel, have gone on top alert to steel themselves against a multi-pronged mega-terror offensive assault.
The –smoking gunê” link between Iraq and al Qaeda is readily available to Secretary of State Colin Powell for use in his presentation before the UN Security Council on Wednesday, February 5. However, Washington is not yet prepared to expose Saudi complicity in the terror conspiracy, and for that reason is likely to withhold the key role played by Baghdad as well.

One opinion among many, and Debka is far from unbiased. On the other hand, their track record on these things has tended to be frighteningly accurate.
Full article at http://www.debka.com/article.php?aid=255

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