Our monthly webinar series resumes Wednesday, exploring the many ways we find ourselves “living between worlds”—trying, each in our own ways, to “build new worlds in the shadow of the old.” Who joins these conversations? Executives. Sustainability professionals. Investors. Activists. Entrepreneurs. Seekers. Up-and-comers. A poet or two. And you!  (Because of Zoom requirements, you must pre-regIster to attend.)

In our last call, we explored the mystery of power – what power is and isn’t, and how we both seek it and flee from it – confusing the capacity to do work, get things done, generate results, and provoke change with our dissatisfaction with the ways and purposes for which we see power wielded. Just last week, we saw some of the fruits of well exercised power in the triple blow delivered to the fossil fuel industry via Chevron, Exxon, and Shell, and the final shut down of the XL pipeline initiative. (The video, along with prior webinars, keynote speeches, and interviews, is posted on my YouTube channel. (Please subscribe and share!)

This month—this coming Wednesday—I’ll share for the first time my work-in-progress on the four (or is it five?) structural defects of what I’ve come to call “capital-ISM” – constraints deeply embedded in the nature of the game, and largely ignored (or at least not well addressed) by the rising flurry of efforts to reform capital-ism—from “responsible capitalism” to “stakeholder capitalism,” from “conscious capitalism” to “ecological capitalism,” from “impact capitalism” to “regenerative capitalism.”

These  efforts are showing some real progress – in marketshare, mind share, and impact. But they’re hampered by a lack of sufficiently rigorous and grounded diagnoses of the mess. Thus they’re flawed allies in the challenge of reinventing the economy of this planet, and of financing and sustaining the future that we want. Can the diagnosis I’m offering help us chart a more powerful and effective path? Please join the discussion, and let’s explore together! 


“The evils of capitalism are as real as the evils of militarism and evils of racism.” -Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“I don’t think capitalism is evil. Capitalism is actually good. It’s just that it gets hijacked. It gets hijacked by improper pricing of externalities. It gets hijacked by improper yields, where you have corruption, where you have monopolies.” -Naval Ravikant

Thank you, as always, for all that you do. Meanwhile, stay resolute, stay safe—and stay tuned! I hope to see you next Wednesday! (And hope that you’ll invite someone who shares your concerns but is not like you or me.)

In solidarity,

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