Jane found this at breakfast, from Adam Regn Arvidson

In 1959 British novelist-scientist C.P. Snow called this dichotomy “The Two Cultures,” a phrase Loren Eiseley references in “The Illusion of the Two Cultures,” which appeared in The American Scholar in 1964. In his essay Eiseley, himself an anthropologist, distills his core belief:

It is because these two types of creation—the artistic and the scientific—have sprung from the same being and have their points of contact even in division, that I have the temerity to assert that, in a sense, the “two cultures” are an illusion, that they are a product of unreasoning fear, professionalism, and misunderstanding.

So here’s the question to consider:
What would your life be like,
how might you experience the world,
what could you contribute,
if you were to live in both realms?

(It’s a good question! I think I’ll consider it myself. 😉

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