The wise and ever perspicacious Jamais Cascio has spotted this cool custom news index tool from Daylife Labs
I’ve long (35 years) been interested in the question of how we can “get the prices right” — how can we internalize the externalities, eliminate market distorting subsidies to things like coal and nuclear, and get market prices to somehow reflect full system costs. If we can figure out how to do that, we have a chance of shifting people’s default behavior into saner directions. (If the price of gasoline at the pump were something close to from Amory Lovins‘ $9-$15 full cost estimate — including environmental, health and military costs — would anybody buy an SUV?) If we don’t figure that out, we’re doomed to the Sysiphisian task of trying to push the regulatory rock uphill forever.
So now if got this neat little widget to track the flow of these memes! Today’s report shows “getting the prices right up 213% over last week — rising even faster than “cap and trade” and “carbon tax”! That’s good, right?

Off you go now: build your own!

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