Today marks Natural Logic‘s 10th birthday — May 12 1999 – May 12 2009!
We’ve seen remarkable changes over these ten years, as “sustainability”, “green business” — and the many other evolving terms of art for this work that we do — move from fringe to mainstream. It seem like the uptake curve would look like a hockey stick, whether you track a 10 year interval, or 20, or five or two!
The distinctive markers in my mind are the requests our customers bring to us:
– Just over two years ago, the requests changed dramatically (as though someone had thrown a switch), as companies stopped asking us to help them “understand the business case for sustainability” and increasingly asked us to help them “figure out what the @#$%@ to do!”
– Just over six months ago, the requests changed just as dramatically (again as though someone had thrown a switch), with companies now saying

“We need an enterprise-wide sustainability strategy that is integrated with our business. Can you help us?”

Of course we can, we respond, and we’re so glad you asked — since that’s what we’ve been recommending all along. And we’re delighted that this work w all share — of transforming both individual businesses and (I trust you’ll permit me some grandiosity, since it’s our birthday!) the relationship of the human economy to the living systems that support it — maturing so rapidly.
There’s much maturing on our side too. I’ll note two items here, and more in the coming days and weeks.
– We’re revising our client offerings, to both respond more forthrightly to these evolving needs, and to clarify how our integrative processes (always challenging to describe in linear media) work to add business, ecological and social value. Read about Harvesting Value – Putting Natural Logic to work for you.
– On May 29th, Financial Times Press will release my new book, The Truth About Green Business. See my next post for details, and for information on how, with your help, this little book can make a big difference — for business, the economy and the environment.
And be sure to join our mailing list; there’ll be lots more news, ideas and events as we approach the May 29 launch date for The Truth About Green Business!

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