[BBC News]: An Environment Agency report suggests so many people are taking the drug nowadays it is building up in rivers and groundwater.
A strange, frightening — and depressing — as this story is, it’s even more troubling that A spokesman for the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) said the Prozac found was most likely highly diluted.
a. Well, doh!
b. So what. The question of course is _how_ diluted, and what effect might this be having on biota — both us AND the critters who don’t normally ingest these things.
c. Especially since we’ve been learning from the recent work on endocrine disrupters than some chemistry displays a U-shaped dose response, with biological impact first decreasing as concentration drops, and then increasing as concentration drops further.
I guess Joe’s water might not be as clean as he thought. At least he won’t get as upset by it now…

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