People are hungry for meaningful conversations—that move worlds. Let’s have some!

Last year, in the early days of the pandemic, some 500 people joined me for a series of online conversations about COVID, the climate crisis, and “living with grace, calm and power in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) world.” Next week, we’ll resume these monthly calls.

We’ll explore together the challenge of navigating this world of crises, and the strategic, tactical, personal, and, yes, philosophical dimensions of moving beyond our sometimes inspiring but woefully inadequate responses to the stack we face:

  • the looming trauma of the planetary climate—and ecological—emergency;
  • the prospect of a pandemic era;
  • the reconfiguration of the post-war geopolitical order;
  • a shredded social fabric in the US;
  • the tenacious cancer of racism;
  • the risks to democracy, from “enemies domestic and foreign”; and
  • the structural challenges of capital-ism (as I’ve come to call it) missed by the current enthusiasm about “inclusive,” “conscious,” and “reform.”

We’ll explore how we’ve each changed in this last year of tumult and transformation, and how we will—each of us and all of us—stand and speak with courage, and inspire others with our stance and our words, in the grand and terrifying adventure of reinventing everything.

Who joins these conversations? Executives. Sustainability professionals. Investors. Activists. Entrepreneurs. Seekers. Up-and-comers. A poet or two. And, hopefully, you!

Please join me Wednesday April 21, 12p-1:30p Pacific Time. Use this link to register now. (You must pre-register to attend.) Be prepared to be provoked—and to challenge yourself, your assumptions, and your commitments.

And consider inviting one person you know who might appreciate and enrich the conversation. (Maybe even someone who shares our concerns, but is different than you and me.)

Thank you.

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