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It didn’t take long after the COP28 Climate conference closed for the analyses to start to fly. One person even had a book-length report out within hours. The perspectives ranged widely, as you might expect for something so complex and controversial.

  • #COP28 was a success, a disappointment, a failure, an abject failure, a #copout.
  • It was doomed from the beginning by having Sultan al-Jaber, the head of the UAE national oil company, as president. Or, only al-Jaber could have navigated the resistance of the fossils (the oil companies and the Petro states) to any substantive agreement.
  • The call for “a transition from fossil fuels“ – without specific goals, or enforcement mechanisms – is significant. Or empty, and a long way from any commitment to “phase out” fossil fuels…or even to abolish them. (Note: We didn’t “phase out“ slavery.)
  • The call to triple renewable energy capacity by 2035 is a significant milestone. Or one that market drivers will continue to generate, with or without a COP agreement.

I’m not inclined to… (Continue reading on LinkedIn or SubStack.)

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