We’ve scheduled one last webinar this year in Natural Logic‘s Carbon Neutral Learningâ„¢ webinar series.
In two weeks, futurist Jamais Cascio will discuss Green Tomorrows, and lead a stimulating exploration of how the sustainability revolution will transform our politics, our economics and our lives.

The process of building a sustainable future follows diverse paths, and the choices we embrace today will shape the future we encounter over the next 20 years. By adopting a scenario planning approach, Cascio will look at what kinds of results we might get, and what kinds of opportunities and surprises those results could have in store.

I’ll be hosting, and I’m looking forward to the conversation with Jamais, as I always do. I hope you’ll join us: Thursday, December 20, 1pm EST (10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm GMT). It’s $129 for the hour — for all you can eat (ie, as many people as you can fit around a browser and speakerphone).
Details at https://natlogic.com/webinars.

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