Some of my friends just don’t like data, even though they use cell phones and fly on planes that depend on data. (You know who you are! 😉 But data—especially when presented visually, and well—can disclose trends we might not otherwise perceive—can let us uncover “invisible” patterns, like bats do when navigating in the dark, or bees when “seeing” nectar. Even better when they’re visualized, so here are a few of my favorites from this week, and the picture they paint.

Below the pictures you’ll find a reminder about next week’s Living Between Worlds (man, do we ever!) webinar…and three ways we could work together.

  1. We’re in deep shit. It’s deeper than you thought. (From the latest IPCC report.)
  2. None of the plans and commitments are adequate, and few of them are even being met. (From Climate Market Watch)

    And as for banking companies’ vaunted “no more fossil fuel” commitments, well, maybe someday
  3. The scorecards are embarrassing—only three “A”s among 55 companies in As You Sow’s report card.
  4. Yet in some areas were making progress faster than anyone predicted, with the penetration of PVs and LEDs as just two examples.
  5. But a paper just released in Nature today finds that “warming can be kept just below 2 degrees Celsius—if all conditional and unconditional pledges are implemented in full and on time.” (Emphasis mine.)

    That’s a very big if, since currently they’re not. But look at it another way—we’re not doomed; we’re just doomed if we don’t do what we are clearly—at least in theory—able to do. So what if we did that? What if we didn’t throw away our shot? We Have the Technology to Solve Climate Change. What We Need Is Political Will. And political will doesn’t come from political leaders. They are followers, not leaders, as Ron Dellums often reminded us; it comes from us. Because “hope is an act, not an aspiration.”

If if was ever in doubt why I named this webinar series “Living Between Worlds” (I haven’t even mentioned Ukraine yet), it should be clear now. How do we prepare ourselves for unknowable futures? How do we hold ourselves as we attempt to birth new worlds amidst the turmoil, in what Antonio Gramsci, 100 years ago, called “the time of monsters”? That’s some of what we explore in our monthly Living Between Worlds zoominars (resuming Wednesday, April 20, and every third Wednesday, at 12p PDT). And it’s core to the conversations that Natural Logic provokes with our corporate and coaching clients—about facing the underlying challenge:

How will we learn to do business, and everything we do, as though we belonged to the living world

Here are a few ways we can work together. Perhaps one (or more) is right for you right now. If so, let me know!

  • Odds are you’re a trimtab. Well, it might be time to engage me as your trimtab! I offer one-on-one tough love support for leaders and emerging leaders, to build your effectiveness, power, presence, and peace of mind.
  • The new release of the MySustainOnline on-demand micro-learning platform—in 100+ languages—goes live next week. Contact me for a demo, and let’s explore how to get every employee in your organization engaged and knowlegable about their role and contribution in your organizations sustainability/climate/regeneration future.
  • Natural Logic doesn’t do CSR or tick-the-box ESG. We develop strategy, design practices, and support implementation to build profit, impact, and meaning—shoulder to shoulder with your teams—grounded in 3.8 billion years of open-source R&D. We help your company commit to and deliver on aggressive, realistic goals—that move us closer to the world we need, faster than we even thought possible. Possibly of interest for your organization? Then let’s talk!
  • Bring me in to keynote your next conference or speak to your board or company retreat. (You can watch some of my recent keynotes at my YouTube channel, linked below.)

That’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll see you next week!

In solidarity,

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