Senator urges US take EU to WTO on biotech
[PlanetArk]: The incoming chairman of the Senate Finance Committee on Monday said he has urged the Bush administration to launch legal action against the European Union for thwarting sales of U.S. genetically modified crops….
Taking the EU to the WTO over genetically modified products runs the risk of inflaming transatlantic trade tensions at a time when the White House is trying to build up international support for a possible invasion of Iraq.
In recent weeks, the EU has taken some steps in toward lifting its moratorium. But those steps may be too little too late to stop a U.S. trade case now that some biotech food aid from the United States is being turned away by starving Africans who say they fear getting on the wrong side of the EU’s ban.

This has been one of the great fears over globalization: using the WTO to override local health/safety/environmental concerns. Granted the EU ban has an element of protectionist flavor, but there is serious market pressure about the safety of GMOs. (One of the reasons that the organic food market is growing at 20%/year.) Odd that the party of smaller government and local control (and long time opponent of the UN) will use this global institution to override local control.

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