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I’ve just begun to experiment with ChatGPT, to see if I can turn this “generative AI”—or “stochastic parrot,” depending on your point of view—to my advantage. Some first impressions:
  • It’s FAST! Its writing is high school level. It’s a great research assistant—IFF you use it to support your own judgement, not replace it.
  • As with search, what you ask—and how you ask it—matters. A lot. (Hint: try iterating and refining your prompts.)
  • Asking it for different perspectives and styles can be fun, and quite enlightening.
This week, Joel Makower shared his “exclusive interview with ChatGPT about AI, climate tech and sustainability,” and I have to say its responses were impressive, and useful. OTOH, check out We come to bury ChatGPT, not to praise it, where Dan McQuillan takes on the “extractivist” heart of GenerativeAI technology deployed in a capitalist economy. And then this, from Tom Walker on Mastodon:
People worry a lot about losing knowledge — about “burned-down libraries.”  Comparatively few people seem to worry about what happens if you take a billion books full of auto-generated, often-untrue junk text and *add* them all to the library. In theory, nothing is lost. In reality, everything is lost, because nothing useful can now be found.

What does ChatGPT care about? Well, nothing. Which may be the core of the problem, since humans—and many other living beings—do.

History Myths
For Black History Month—or, as we sometimes call it, American History Month—I invite you to watch Gary Ross (director of the film Free State of Jones debunk 4 myths about the Civil War.

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“a world that works for the ongoing well-being of the living world to which we belong, and the beings with whom we share this world, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense, or the disadvantage of any.”

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