Winrock International reports:

In a joint funding venture between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Wallace Center at Winrock International, in partnership with the Training & Development Corporation (TDC), has launched a $400,000 project showcasing locally-owned food enterprises from around the globe.
Leading the effort to document successful strategies for small- and medium-scale community-based enterprises are John Fisk, director of the Wallace Center, and Michael Shuman, author and vice president for enterprise development at TDC.
The project, Community Food Enterprise: Local Success in a Global Marketplace, builds on evidence worldwide that local ownership is a fundamental building block for long-term prosperity—and that market shifts in favor of local food offer small farmers and other entrepreneurs a promising new path to economic security.

Michael’s a wise old friend, going back to our Institute for Global Communications days, a committed economic developer, a key player in BALLE, an author worth reading. I’m thrilled to see this come together.

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