Natural Logic’s analysis of strategic supply chain partnerships has just been published in Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s February/march 2006 issue. ‘Uncovering hidden opportunities in your supply chain’ (written by Eric Olsen, David Jaber and me), explores how companies can swiftly, systematically and profitably turn ever-expanding requirements for environmental performance and documentation from expensive surprises to strategic advantage.
Here’s the abstract:

Traditionally CR, environment and sustainability departments have been seen as a business cost. But a few leading companies are creating value by entering into strategic partnerships with suppliers. In an article based on interviews with senior executives from around the world, David Jaber, Gil Friend and Eric Olson explain why strategic supply chain partnerships make sense, and then provide a step-by-step guide for getting started.

(Follow this link for our full report, and a description of the three-stage ‘discovery’ process we offer to help companies identify, develop and test new solutions and business models that build market share and profits by responding to – and anticipating – stakeholder environmental expectations.)

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