George Bush, Multilateralist?. There remains a slim chance that President Bush could emerge as a historic figure in the United Nations’ evolution toward enduring significance. By Robert Wright. [New York Times: Opinion]
It’s an odd perspective to take on this most unilateral of adminsitrations. But here is always the possibilities that all of Bush’s cowboy-style sabre rattling [Inapporpriate Mixed Metaphor Warning] could actually lead to “regime change” without war.
The first President Bush dusted off and put to use United Nations machinery that had lain dormant for most of the cold war. His son might yet sustain the United Nations’ evolution toward the powerful instrument of peace it was originally meant to be. This would rank as one of the great paradoxes of presidential history. But if Nixon could go to China, President Bush can go through New York
Let’s see if he’ll get as noble around those other “go it alone” issues, like the Kyoto Treaty.

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