(We all had a common roadmap for this initial session, and all did it a different way! Here’s the energy group, via Joe Wenisch.)
Organizing themes:
– use all surfaces to generate power
– context: ask first, about place, resources, etc, before exploring need — or even setting density of the block. (The charrette is initially operating with assumption of a “standard” 425ftx250ft block with 100 dwelling units (DU) per acre, and some 400-800 people)
– supply and demand: minimizing use
Key components:
– onsite generation and storage
– smart meters and intelligent controls
– advanced building materials
– engage residents; create a sense of ownership — and responsibility
– “waste” to energy (eg, ag waste (which might be better used as ag input) human waste…
– use the same power plant for multiple uses for the whole block (to make the best use of time-specific loads, rather than just “adding it all up”)
– policies & codes
– finance — eg first costs, assumptions about ROI
– split incentives
– silos and lack of community connection (people talking to people they don’t ordinarily talk with)
– space constraints/tradeoffs (power, food, re-creation, oxygen, etc)
– turf: ownership v rental, sense of ownership
– resistance to density (but is this innate, or marketed to us — and therefore malleable?)
– resistance to socio-economic mix
– maintenance needs and responsibilities
– systems too complex
– systems adaptation
(That’s it. Lunch break!)

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