Interesting timing to find the next day’s headlines reporting on Carly Fiorina and Craig Barrett addressing just these issues (or some of them) in discussing new report from the Computer Systems Policy Project, ‘Choose To Compete.’
The report offers Three policy priorities to spur economic growth:
1. Promote innovation: Maintain America‰s leadership.
2. Encourage investment in the innovation infrastructure: Maintain a business climate that rewards risk and encourages entrepreneurship.
3. Improve education and training: Keep American workers on top.

Some of this could be seen as self-serving, perhaps. After all, these are companies that will get contracts from ‘investment in the innovation infrastructure.’ And #3 is a bit optimistic, since American workers aren’t _on_ top. But it’s got to be useful that important business leaders are calling attention to important issues — one’s that I fear we’ll manage to ignore for a long time.

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