Steve Outing: With Email Dying, RSS Offers Alternative. [Scripting News]

Let me repeat: 17% to 38% of the e-mail you send out to customers who ask for it — or even pay for it — does not reach them.

In other words, it’s not just that we’re all finding our emails buried
in spam, but that spam overwhelm is well on its way to destroying the
valuable and transforming communications technology that email was, at
least for a while.

RSS, for those not familiar with it, stands for Really Simple
Syndication, and enables peope to easily subscribe to desired content
and read it in their web broswer, free of spam — at least until the
spam slime figure out a way to crack that.

Meantime, why can’t Congress do anything to criminalize spamming? Dunno
— but you might do well to deluge your reps with that question.

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