Photo of backlit bird with rainbow wings

“Winged Prism” by Christian Spencer, taken in the Brazilian Rainforest in 2014


My 2011 New Years greeting still seems appropriate, 12 years later:

Let me start by wishing you joy, love and fulfillment in the new year, and thank you for your commitment to the mission we all share, in these dangerous and challenging times.

What is that mission?

To transform the economy of an entire planet.
This planet.
In one generation.

What does that look like? My mentor, Buckminster Fuller, put it succinctly a few decades ago, and it’s been my north star for close to 40 [now 51!] years:

A world that works for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense, or the disadvantage of anyone.*

How does that translate into a strategic action plan? To see how we summed that up for a client a few years ago, check out our Declaration of Leadership for Sustainable Business. (You can download a free PDF, or purchase a framed or unframed poster in a variety of sizes. It’s a perfect gift for your CEO — and your CFO!)

Not all our client engagements rise to that level of challenge. But more and more, they’re moving in that direction. Our clients are asking bigger, deeper, more powerful questions; they’re coming to us with more interesting challenges; and they’re considering initiatives with greater potential impact for both their businesses and the world.

We look forward to an even more exciting year to come — powered by the surprising though still inadequate international agreements, California’s momentum, China’s nearly 50:1 outspend of the US (per dollar of GDP) on renewable energy — and to the work we will all do, individually and together.

* I’ve recently taken the liberty of broadening Bucky’s declaration since I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with the narrowness of its focus on “a world that works for 100% of humanity,” so I’ve attempted to broaden it.

A world that works, for the ongoing well-being of the living world to which we belong, and the beings with whom we share this world, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense, or the disadvantage of any.

(What does that provoke or generate for you?)

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