Serena Business Mashups – sounds like a good idea. (Though I’m so far unable to log in to try it out.)
CNET described it as

a software-as-a-service mashup exchange that enables its partners to build, buy and sell business mashups…
Mashups, which have previously been the sole domain of specialist Web developers, combine data from multiple sources to create an integrated Web application. Also referred to as “custom applications,” business mashups are sometimes lauded as being capable of bringing gains in productivity and creativity without burdening the IT department.

Very much of interest to me for Natural Logic’s work on sustainability tools, including Business Metabolics and Regional Sustainability Dashboards.
(PS: Not a mashup tool per se, but a sophisticated approach to DIY ERP that Sig Rinde describes as “a Business Model Builder with instant delivery of Business Processes, Accounts and Reports”: Thingamy)

Here’s 30 meg. Now go run Germany.

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