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Alongside transformation, tangled up with transformation—the energy transformation, the transformation of an entire planet, the transformation of everything—is not just the transformation of what we do and how we do it, but also who we are, how we think, and how we learn. Not just shifting our tools, techniques, and methods, as former Natural Logic VP Bill Reed often reminded us, but the mindset through which filter and shape our encounters with everything that we perceive and interpret and interact with.So this week let me step away from the usual stuff toward this broader, deeper perspective, and share with you four conversations and books that I have found particularly powerful – yes, transformative—about the matter of transformation. And that – careful! – might shake up your world too.

Thinking for ourselves
Carol Sanford was our special guest at our monthly  Living Between Worlds podcast this month. Carol is a noted “disruptor and contrarian…leading systemic business change and design,” who asserts—and demonstrates— that “most change theory and practices are based on false, error filled, and unproven premises.” Her latest book, No More Gold Stars: Regenerating Capacity to Think for Ourselves, (her seventh!) takes down the behaviorism and mechanistic thinking that has captured the modern world, in favor of a development-focus approach that emphasizes people thinking for themselves and inventing their own futures—together. The recording is now live on our YouTube channel. Check it out—whether you missed the call, or want to hear it again. And register to join us next month for Living Between Worlds.

“What’s Important?”
Last month I alerted you to this unusual conversation with these unusual thinkers. You can now watch the sumptuous video of this rich and provocative evening with Nora Bateson, Daniel Schmachtenberger, and Nate Hagens. It will change your mood about these times—and will change you too.

Learning and Mood
Speaking of mood—the background and context for how we engage and perceive the world—I invite you to take a look at Learning to Learn and the Navigation of Moods: The Meta-Skill for the Acquisition of Skills by Gloria Flores. Her “mood navigator” app has become an invaluable part of my coaching services (and my own development—and my own even keel in these tumultuous times).

Mobilize: Dancing In The World
This dangerous book, by my friend, colleague, and mentor Chauncey Bell, is about the practice of building new practices. It’s NOT a book abut “management (keeping things stable), leadership (creating new instabilities), innovation (creating new stuff), and ‘change management (keeping the ship afloat while in the midst of change).” New practices means new ways of dancing in the world, of bringing new worlds—”which emerge as new ways of listening, observing, and acting become visible.” Take a look—if you dare.

Weaving these together
Natural Logic weaves these threads together in a range of offerings, including:

  • A unique 3D accelerator to discover your company’s biggest brand promise, design your strategic sustainability roadmap and action plan, and deliver “massive” results. (Our clients word, not ours).
  • Science-based Sustainability FrameWorkShop™ for your leaders, designers, engineers, Brand, managers, etc—to get everyone of the same on the same page…and way beyond incremental thinking.
  • On-demand sustainability micro-learning for everyone in your organization, from C-suite to loading dock. (Your discount code: “GIL25PEROFF”)
  • Intensive one-on-one coaching and mentoring for leaders and emerging leaders. (And, coming soon, a less intensive, less expensive, group coaching option.)
  • Also coming soon: our fractional CSO services.

Drop me a note today if you’d like to know more about any of these services, for you or your company.

And what about you?
What are the experiences and resources that have been most transformative for you? That have shifted your mindset or mood? Your view of the world and sense of possibility? The commitments you are living into? (Share them with me, and I’ll harvest your comments—confidentially, of course—for a future mailing.)

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