Joel Makower blogs on the recent kerfluffle about the tsunami and global warming,

Problem is, I couldn’t find a single claim — by an “environmental
expert” or anyone else — made in the past week that connects the
Indian Ocean tragedy with global warming…

A brilliant ploy: Condemn a ridiculous and outrageous claim by your
opponents, or associate them with something for which they had no
possible responsibility, thereby branding them as silly at best,
dangerous at worse, despite the fact that you pretty much made the
whole thing up.

and gave me a chance to piggyback my thoughts in his comments:

I was thinking the same thing. Closest thing I could find to that ‘claim’ was these
two paragraphs at Finance Gate:

The company called for measures to be taken to counter the climate
change that in Munich Re‰s opinion was responsible for the disaster.

‘The terrible effects spreading all around the Indian Ocean and
reaching as far as the Horn of Africa are a further reminder of the
global threat from natural catastrophes,’ executive board member Stefan
Heyd said in the reinsurer‰s annual disaster report.

Note that the assertion in the first paragraph is not what the Munich Re executive said, in the quote in the second paragraph.

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