[CNN]: Nations
in the Middle East and Asia that fiercely opposed the U.S.-led war in
Iraq have praised the capture of ousted leader Saddam Hussein, hailing
it as a potential turning point for Iraqis and the United States.

Cited in the story: Iran, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Bangladesh
,South Korea, Chin, Thailand, Indonesia, and UN Secretary General Kofi

On the other hand:

Palestinian leaders did not celebrate
the capture of Saddam, who paid the families of Palestinian suicide
bombers $25,000 each. Prime Minister Ahmed Qorei said the capture was a
matter solely for the Iraqi people.

On the streets of Gaza, many mourned
the capture and showed continuing support for the deposed
leaders.  “With our blood and soul, we’ll sacrifice our life for
you Saddam,” one group chanted.


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