Unbelievable, school districts are now importing teachers to teach in U.S. schools, using the H-1B visa. Incredibly, school people are “predicting” that the U.S. will be short by 700,000 teachers – exactly the same kind of bogus claims made about tech jobs in 1998 and again in 2000, when Congress decided the U.S. should decimate its technical workforce.
Microsoft admits: we launched the LoveSan worm as a way of getting people to update the operating system! According to Program Manager Bert Smith, “We had a hard time getting people to keep up with our steady stream of patches. So we decided it was time to teach our customers a lesson with a mostly benign worm that would eat their productivity for a day.” Smith said that it appears to have worked, “Now, our Windows Update servers are swamped with people downloading our updates. This is great progress!”
Windows Senior Vice President Jim Alchin said that Microsoft Research staff are investigating ways of using viruses to automatically spread Windows patches to unspecting consumers. “In effect, Windows becomes the biggest virus in history!”, he exclaimed, with a chart showing that hundreds of millions of consumers were now downloading updates.

Says the Commonsense Technology blog, source of both of these:
(For the humor challenged, this is satire, okay?)
Unfortunately, they were only referring to #2. #1 is worrisome enough, but in itself and as an indicator of US futures.