How shall we live, in the midst of what Equilibrium Capital CEO Dave Chen calls “a live-fire rehearsal for climate change”?

While Covid grips our minds, the climate crisis looms not far behind. They may seem different on their face but they share common roots, common dynamics, and perhaps common strategies.

Both reflect a blindness to living systems, to the dynamics and distinctions of systems the failure of management systems to reflect/dance with physical and biological reality, to the “financialization of everything in these days of late capitalism, to the nature of power, and to the shredding of the substance-of-we-feeling and sense of commitment to the solidarity of Terrans on Terra.

Please join me for our continuing online conversation, Friday, May 8, 12p-1:30p Pacific Time. NOTE: Because of Zoom’s new security protocols, you must pre-register to attend.

In our prior calls, we’ve explored: the parallels between the covid crisis and the climate crisis; the three curves that rule our lives, and pervasiveness of “predatory delay”; the hypotheses and lessons of our vast, planetary experiment; stress testing complex planetary systems; the priorities of urgent political action. (You can view the prior videos here.)

In future sessions, we’ll dip deeper into the matter of solidarity, including a visit with Bruno Latour’s provocative Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime; the ways our words shape our worlds, and the moods and power we can cultivate in ourselves and our commitments; the nature of power, and we might nurture, wield, fight and dance with it; and the specifics of what to do and how to live in these times—in ourselves, families, communities, businesses, and social and financial action.

I look forward to seeing you next week. Please register now, and feel free to share this invitation with others you think belong in this conversation.

In solidarity,

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