The SF Chronicle reports on the California Green Innovation Index, being released today:

California is leading the way in the fight against global warming as its investors have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into green technology companies and its citizens have cut per-capita emissions of greenhouse gases by nearly 10 percent in recent years.
[The California Green Innovation Index]… praises the Golden State for making a fast start but warns that much more effort and innovation are needed to truly make a difference in the crisis….
“California is a model,” said F. Noel Perry, founder of the Next 10 policy group, which commissioned the report. “The people of California are very forward-looking, and they like to solve problems.”

Worldwatch Institute‘s latest report looks to the other side of the ocean:

If China’s commitment to diversifying its energy supply and becoming a global leader in renewables manufacturing persists, renewable energy could provide over 30 percent of the nation’s energy by 2050. This is the major conclusion of Powering China’s Development: The Role of Renewable Energy, written by Beijing-based researcher Eric Martinot, a Worldwatch senior fellow, and Li Junfeng, Vice Chair of China’s Renewable Energy Society in Beijing.
“A combination of policy leadership and entrepreneurial savvy is leading to spectacular growth in renewable energy, increasing its share of the market for electricity, heating, and transport fuels,” said Martinot. “China is poised to become a leader in renewables manufacturing, which will have global implications for the future of the technology.”

So much leadership everywhere that’s it’s getting hard to keep track! (That’s a good thing.)

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