Yes, I said that. COP28—the recently-concluded UN climate conference—doesn’t matter!

Well, of course it does (as well as doesn’t). It may lack teeth (“May?!?!” I hear you saying!), but it does provide the frame in which corporate, investment, and policy conversations happen. (And, I would argue, that frame has shifted—as Hunter Lovins and I will discuss on Living Between Worlds this Wednesday. Please join us!)

But it shouldn’t matter to your company.

Here’s why: If you set your course and steer your ship by current fashion—whether what we’ve always done, what our competitors are doing, what the “leaders” are doing, what the regulators are demanding, or even where the international agreements are heading—rather than by the ways things really work on this planet, you will inevitably sub-optimize long term value, and take on more risk than fiduciary duty demands of you. And than you know you should.

As I wrote 25 years ago in The Laws of Nature: Sorry, no referendum available, no amendments possible,

…nature’s laws are not like society’s laws. They disclose cause and effect, not legislation and jurisprudence. Management consultant Steven Covey, in his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, quotes Cecil B. deMille, who “observed of the principles contained in his monumental movie The Ten Commandments, ‘It is impossible for us to break the law. We can only break ourselves against the law.’

What does that look like? What does that mean specifically?

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An offer
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A reminder
Living Between Worlds
—our monthly, online “conversation for possibility”—begins is fifth season this Wednesday, January 17, at 1200pm PST, with special gues Hunter Lovins in conversation with me about COP28. We hope you’ll register here and join us—both this Wednesday and the third Wednesday of every month.


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