The Guardian reports:

The Greenland ice cap is melting so quickly that it is triggering earthquakes as pieces of ice several cubic kilometres in size break off.
Scientists monitoring events this summer say the acceleration could be catastrophic in terms of sea-level rise and make predictions this February by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change far too low.

Are you scared yet? More to the point, are you scared enough to take dramatic action?

  • Like insisting that the presidential candidates take this on front and center — and that the media cover them if they do?
  • Like taking seriously that everytime you buy anything, you are voting with your dollars, voting for your future?
  • Like considering whether your company’s (your city’s, your state’s, your church/mosque/synagogue/temple/shrine/zendo’s) greenhouse reduction goals are sufficient to the challenge we face or just too damned low?

Memo to our clients: This is why we’ve been suggesting that choosing “achievable” waste reduction goals just won’t cut it competitively. Not when the leadership challenge is nothing less than inventing new worlds.
As Seth Godin puts it Zero is the new black.

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