Around this time a few years ago, I wrote 4 Qs for Q4: A Sustainability Checklist to Finish the Year and Plan the Next.” In it I asked:

How much will your business need to change in the coming years?


Will you be one of the many caught in a reactive, last-minute scramble to adapt? Or will you chart a strategic course that enables you to survive as an organization, profit your shareholders and employees, lead your industry and contribute to a better world?


4th Quarter presents important challenges and opportunities for business sustainability leaders, as it does for all executives and managers. It’s often the time for planning (and sometimes reflectionthough often at high speed!), for budgeting for the coming year, and sometimes for spending remaining budget for this year.


Here are some specific questions for you to consider as you engage in that Q4 processand that we can help you address.

You can find the questions and read the rest of the article here. (They’re as timely now as they were then—and they’re a good complement to the 3 Key Questions That *Must* Be Part of Your Annual Budget Process that I wrote about last week.)

I hope you’ll find both articles useful—and I especially hope that you’ll put them to work in your planning and budgeting process. (And if you’d like an experienced partner and guide in the process, call or email us today to explore the specific ways we can help you answer these questions—right now, in Q4—and put your company’s business and sustainability strategies on sound footing for next year.)

Now is the time.

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