Thank you Ed Gurowitz for this:
Barry Schwartz on our loss of wisdom | Video on
Ed says:

If you have any interest in (a) why things aren’t working and (b) how to have them work, this talk will be a great investment of 20 minutes. It’s one of the best things I’ve seen.

I resopnded:

I agree completely.
I’ve long railed at the myopia of “incentives”, and the knee-jerk reach for them, even as I argue _for_ ubiquitous, real-time performance feedback – not to foster robotization, as some fear, but precisely to serve the moral sense that Schwartz rightly sees at the heart of wisdom. (The ancient Hebrews, in fact, recognized the heart as intrinsic to the processes of attention, thought, design and action.)

More about this in my new book, more still in my next book. 😉

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