We lost an intellectual, creative, and moral giant this week, when Bruno Latour, philosopher, anthropologist and sociologist, died at 75. He was author of We Have Never Been Modern (which I have not yet read), Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime (which re-oriented me in the world), and innumerable other books, papers, and immersive, multimedia experiences, and he has earned a place in the pantheon of B’s (Bucky, Bateson, Beer, Bookchin, Brand, to name a few) who have deeply influenced me.

In Down to Earth (which I read and then immediately re-read, something I never do) and its successor, Critical Zones: The Science and Politics of Landing on Earth, Latour called for us to “land on Earth.” To live as Terrans, among other Terrans. The cover of Critical Zones is filled, below the title, with this conversation:

You want me to land on Earth? Why? — Because you’re hanging in midair, headed for a crash. — How is it down there? — Pretty tense. — A war zone? — Close: a Critical Zone, a few kilometers thick, where everything happens. — Is it habitable? — Depends on your chosen science. — Will I survive down there? — Depends on your politics.

This perspective has provided an unstated backdrop for our monthly Living Between Worlds conversations. Last month, we explored the polycrisis we’re living in—and through. And we wondered how to listen for the poly opportunities it might offer. Our several dozen participants spent more than half the call in three and four person breakout conversations, to enable more depth of exploration and a surprising amount of personal relationship building. We didn’t record the breakouts, but you can hear my introductory provocation, and the harvest from the breakouts (as well as our 20+ prior sessions) here.

We’ll resume the conversation next Wednesday, Oct 19th, and every third Wednesday, at noon PT. We’ll probably begin with Latour’s invitation to “land on earth,” and be Terrans amidst other terrestrial beings—and my current mantra of “What might in be like if we did business—and eveything else—as though we actually belong to the living world? And to each other?” Then we’ll explore what that provokes for each of us, strategically/theoretically AND personally emotionally. Register in advance here, and please bring a guest—perhaps someone quite different than you or me!

The Natural Logic website is long overdue for an update, but my LinkTree page is not! You can easily track what I’m up to right now right here—and let me know how you’d envision us collaborating.

As always, thank you for all you do for a world that works!

In solidarity,

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