Now that I’ve wrapped up my five year “secondment” as the first Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Palo Alto, I’m back in the saddle at Natural Logic (with a little side gig as Expert in Residence at Presidio Graduate School), and ready to resume a regular communications rhythm with you. And we have some exciting new things underway. There’ll be a websiite update soon—with new offers for companies, cities, leaders and investors—but let me give you an early preview first!

(Before I do, check out my new keynote speaker “sizzle reel”!)

Natural Logic helps companies and communities prosper—building economic and strategic advantage, reducing risk, and enhancing their capacity to navigate the uncertain landscapes of this strange and challenging century. As you probably know, most of the companies that come to us are already well down the road—far enough to realize that something substantial is missing—and come to us for re-set.

(This year, we’re choosing to focus on deeper work with fewer clients, and we’re setting a higher bar. You can expect us to challenge you on lost value, hidden risk, fiduciary duty, and your organization’s capacity to deal with contingent futures it faces—and a new opportunity for your CFO.)

Our typical individual client is a business, political or sustainability leader (or emerging leader) ready to significantly increase their effectiveness, impact and well-being.

We’re building on the Palo Alto work to help smart and sustainable cities—which are on the front lines of the climate crisis. (As a reminder, here’s where I started with Palo Alto, and here’s where we wound up—with a carbon neutral utility, an advanced “new mobility” strategy, and perhaps the toughest green building code—and most aggressive climate goals—in the country.)

And now, after decades of advising some of the world’s best companies, we’re opening a new channel of activity focused on impact investors. (I don’t particularly like the term, since all investment has impact—it’s just a matter or what kind of impact!—but it does seem to be the term of art these days.)

So: Companies. Cities. Leaders. Investors. (And some surprises still to come.) Watch for more details in upcoming mailings—or call or contact me to share your journey and concerns, and to explore how we might help you deliver more value with less stuff.

Coming up:

  • My new Conversations at the Edge of Now series kicks off with the remarkable Nora Bateson at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco April 2.
  • Hear me speak at the Environmental Leader and Sustainable Brands conferences (with others to come), and book me to shake things up at your next conference or corporate retreat.
  • Follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter for previews of my latest thinking and my comments on breaking events.
  • And join me to celebrate my 70th birthday (!)—and nearly a half century at the front lines of sustainability, regeneration and value discovery—in Berkeley, CA March 13!

I’m grateful we’re connected, and for all you do, and I’ll send you off to your day with the quote of the week: “I am always doing things I can’t do—that’s how I get to do them.” —Pablo Picasso.

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