opened its “doors” yesterday. is a new online community — developed by Sun Microsystems in partnership with Natural Logic — to help organizations calculate, compare, and reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions.
Inspired and guided by Natural Logic’s Business Metabolics sustainability performance dashboard, focuses on energy use and carbon emissions for buildings, and, as the press release says, “is free and open to all organizations. The only cost of admission is sharing data, transparently or anonymously, with other community participants.” The Business Metabolics “software as a service” (SaaS) tracks the comprehensive environmental footprint, including energy, water, materials, products and “wastes” for all of an organization’s activities — and easily compares enviromental and economic metrics. (Very handy for our carbon footprinting work too.)
Both tools streamline the process of collecting, analyzing, managing that performance data — and using it to support better decision-making and management, not just annual CSR and Carbon Disclosure Project reports. Check ’em out!
(PS: Natural Logic is looking for a Lead Application Developer to take these tools to the next level. Interested?)

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