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IS LARRY LAGGING? (a/k/a My love/hate relationship with Larry Fink)
“Rich Countries Must Bear the Cost if We Can Ever Hope to Achieve a Net-Zero World.” That may seem obvious to you, dear reader, but it becomes a Big Deal when declared by Blackrock CEO Larry Fink in the New York Times. But it’s a big deal that’s both heartening and disheartening.

On the plus side, Fink calls on the world’s financial leaders to “reimagine how the world can use finance to reduce the risks from climate change… and mobiliz[e] enough private investment to help developing countries do their part.” He asserts that “stimulating [the] $1 trillion per year of public and private investment [needed] to reduce emissions will require closer to $100 billion in grants or subsidies from countries that can afford it.” (Compared to the $16b/year of public funds currently invested).

On the minus side, Fink’s explicit call for “grants or subsidies” to encourage private capital to do that, and his implicit threat that business won’t invest in the future of the world unless bribed by taxpayers to do so. Smart ones will. Worse: not a word about eliminating existing subsidies to the fossils—many times larger as the “do-good” subsidies he’s proposing—which was front and center in the pre-COP26 statement released by the $90 trillion Glasgow Financial Alliance for NetZero (of which Fink is a Principal). That message should be everywhere, Mr. Fink!

A friend asked that this morning. (Well, “asked” is a nice way of putting it.) This was one of many challenges that I’ve seen lately saying “we need action, not words” on the climate crisis.

Well, we do—since hardly anyone—countries, companies, cities, folks like you and me—are on track with our climate commitments. But I’m of the mind that words can be actions, and that they certainly contribute to actions—in our thoughts, interpretations, communications, and mobilization of others.

So, yes, sometimes books can change things. They have. Ecology of Commerce and Biomimicry are just two of the many that come to mind.

This season we’re seeing a flurry of books that have that potential. Here are a few that have jumped to the top of my teetering reading pile. (Reviews to come as I make my way through them.)

What are some of the books that have changed your life or your world?


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