1) If you’re wrapping up your Q4 planning and budgeting season, this is a perfect time to invite Natural Logic‘s support for getting your sustainability initiatives designed, elevated and approved. This could include Rapid Diagnoses of your current commitments, risks and opportunities—in as little as two weeks—and our help building Sustainability Roadmaps to get you closer to where you really want—and need—to go.

Ready to go deep? Check out our massive value discovery process. (If you can’t wait, here’s a quick self-assessment you can run right now.) Interested? Drop us a line—or give me a call at +1-510-435-6346.

2) It’s always “employee engagement” season—and always time to take that trending topic from superficial to substantive. How? With on-demand Sustainability In Practice eLearning for your entire organization; Strategic Coaching for executives, teams, leaders and emerging leaders; Thought Partnership With a Thought Leader™ for the spacious thinking that you really need to do but never get to do; or even collaboration in the development of the sustainability simulation gaming that we are creating, together with a handful of sponsoring companies. (No link yet; call if interested).

Want a quick start? Grab our Green Business Field Guide audiobook!

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