On May 29th, Financial Times Press will release my new book, The Truth About Green Business. With your help (see below), this little book can make a big difference — for business, the economy and the environment.
The FT Press “Truth About” series is kind of like “… For Dummies” — except not for dummies. Each book in the series is focused, potent, specific and designed to put great tools in the hands of busy people who get things done.
The Truth About Green Business packs my nearly 40 years of sustainable business and policy experience into 52 focused “truths” that provide a practical roadmap — for large companies and small — to make money and make sense by putting these truths to work. (Check the next post for a complete summary.)
Here are just a few of the early reviews (more reviews here!):

“This little book is inspiring in its range and practicality-not just for CEOs, but for every member of the enterprise…an exceptionally useful guide for ‘going green’ at any scale of enterprise.”
—Chip Conley, CEO, Joie de Vivre Hospitality
“Practical, inspiring, solutions-oriented, and simple without oversimplifying. A must-have playbook for finding the green business opportunities within your company or startup.”
—Christina Page, Director, Climate and Energy Strategy, Yahoo! Inc.
“For the last few years, I’ve been imagining what the essential one-volume green business handbook would look like. Now, I don’t need to imagine it, because Gil Friend has written it. The Truth About Green Business is simply the best green business book on the market.”
—Alex Steffen, Editor, and Author of Worldchanging: A User’s Guide for the 21st Century

I’m inviting your help RIGHT NOW to catapult this book — the solutions it contains — in into the hands and minds of every manager, entrepreneur and business leader in the country! We’ve launched a viral campaign to “pop” sales in the all-important first week — May 29-Jun 7 — so we’re asking everyone we know, and everyone they know, and everyone they know who’s involved or interested in green/sustainable/regenerative business to pre-order now, or buy in those first few days. Multiple orders are welcome (gifts for your boss, or employees, or banker, or congressperson perhaps?). Contact me directly for custom imprinted “sponsored” editions
Read on for an introduction to the book, and for details on the role you can play in putting it to work. (And watch this space — or your In box, if you’re on Natural Logic‘s mailing list — for more pre-launch news over the coming weeks!)
Speaking of this space: starting today, I’ll be running a daily “The Lies About green Business” — with excerpts from the book that give you a peek, and the truth!
Meanwhile, read more here — and pre-order The Truth About Green Business here!
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