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Welcome to the New Bottom Line, a periodic e-letter offering strategic perspectives on business and environment. Formerly distributed internationally by the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, New Bottom Line is now available exclusively from Natural Logic and its licensees.

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Reader Comments

“Fascinating, highly readable and thought-provoking.”
Gerald Millward-Oliver, GObp / business communications, Bradford on Avon, England

“Brilliant and powerful.”
Don Stone, Professor of Accounting, University of Massachusetts

“I really appreciate the clarity and creativeness and generousness of your messages.”
Tony Gwilliam, Buckminster Fuller Institute

“I have long appreciated your articles. They work to not only educate, but to show that there are others who are taking a proactive role in reducing environmental impacts.”
David Burdick, Underwriters Laboratories

“You’ve obviously done enough thinking to convey this incredibly complex idea in relatively simple terms.”
Rob Watson, Natural Resources Defense Council

“Sensible, optimistic and inspirational.”
Kevin D Brown, Site Manager, Haig-Brown House Education Centre

“A breath of fresh air and a clarity of thinking in an otherwise often fuzzy field. Thanks for continuing to send me your NBL musings—it is my favorite enviro reading, along with Dana Meadow’s columns.”
Steven H. Goldfinger, Ph.D

“Great column that I’m already quoting. Keep up the insightful work.”
Ed Cohen-Rosenthal, Cornell University


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